In-Design Transparency Flattener


Transparency Flattener Presets dialog box
To access the Transparency Flattener Presets dialog box, choose Edit > Transparency Flattener Presets. This dialog box provides access to defined Flattener presets (Figure 58). The built-in presets are not editable, but you can use them as the basis for customizing an modifying presets (select a preset and click New or Edit). Use the Flattener Presets dialog box to import Flattener presets created by customers or export your own presets for distribution. The presets you create here will be available when you print or save a file to a format that needs to be flattened.




PDF 1.3 Export
Because the PDF 1.3 format doesn’t support live transparency, your file may need to be flattened

Adobe PDF 1.4 and later files can accurately display live transparency created by any Adobe transparency-savvy authoring and layout application.


Selecting flattener presets
The process of selecting flattener presets in InDesign CS3 and subsequent versions, Illustrator CS3, and Acrobat 8 Professional is similar. You can apply a Flattener preset to a document by using the Print, Export, and in Illustrator CS3, Save As dialog boxes. A dialog box menu lets you select the -desired preset; selecting a preset (Figure 41) automatically enters all the settings in the dialog box.To choose a flattener preset in InDesign CS3 or Illustrator CS3

Note that in InDesign CS3, you can temporarily overide spread flattening by turning off any Spread Flattening override options applied in the Pages panel.



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