Microsoft Word 2007 - make a PDF (PC)

To check go to the Office button in Word 2007 (top left hand corner) and click on it so that it drops
down. Hover your mouse over the Save As options.

word 2007

If you don’t see PDF listed as one of the options then you will need to download and install the add
on from Microsoft.


Open the document that you want to save as a PDF and then go the Office button and click on it so
that it drops down. Choose Save As PDF.



Before you press the Publish button check that Standard is selected in Opitmise for and then click on the Options button.

doc 2007

When the Options window pops up make sure that you select ISO 19005-1 compliant (PDF/A) under PDF options. It is essential that this is selected ot wise the fonts will not be
embedded in the PDF and it will not be print ready.

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