Electronic File Checklist




Electronic File Checklist 
The following checklist is provided as a means to help you prepare and review documents for electronic imposition. Please feel free to print out this checklist for use by your suppliers and subcontractors.
Laser Proofs
O The latest version is sent to printer, including last-minute corrections.
O Size of laser proof is 100%.
O Registration and crop marks are included.
O Color proofs are submitted.
O Grayscale or B/W color breaks show.
O Written instructions indicating "live" and "FPO" images are supplied.
O Proofs have been examined for potential problems.
O Bleeds and trims are applied.
O Were problems encountered in printing proofs? (If so, the imagesetter may also have problems.)

Electronic Components
O Original page layout files are included as well as the version number.
O Files are compressed.
O Files are named appropriately.
O All linked graphics are included.
O Links have not been broken by renaming graphics.
O Graphics files are not nested.
O File format is noted (TIFF, PICT, EPS etc.)
O Native graphic files are included.
O Line art is scanned at appropriate PPI.
O Grayscale and color art are scanned at appropriate PPI.
O Graphics are not reduced or enlarged in the page layout program.
O DPI for enlarged or reduced graphics has been adjusted.
O Scanned images have been converted to object-oriented when appropriate.

Fonts and Text Components
O Fonts are unaltered, Adobe fonts, both screen and printer fonts are supplied where applicable.
O Fonts are embedded in PDF file
O The name, manufacturer and version number of non-Adobe fonts are listed and screen and printer fonts are susupplied to the printer
O Fonts are being handled in a legal manner.
O Bold or italic text has been created using the font menu instead of the style menu.

Color Considerations
O Color calibration issues have been discussed with printer.
O Colors are clearly and correctly defined.
O Files are provided as CMYK.

O Spot colors are defined as spot colors, not process colors.
O Do colors overprint?
O Printing for grayscale no RGB CMYK files are included.

PostScript Files
O PostScript files are provided.
O Application files are supplied.
O The issue of responsibility for PostScript files has been discussed with printer.


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