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Our scanning policy

Being passionate about photoshop and excellent digital reproduction we specialise in a scanning service whereby every scan is taken into photoshop and optimized for the price of a straight scan. Photographs that require light retouching will incur no extra charge. Simple cutouts or clipping paths if required can be embedded in the files at no extra charge. Prices reduce for large quantities

Book Scanning
Per page of text 40p PDF supplied to trim leaf size with correct heads and backs. (plate sections extra)

We take original artwork up to A3 in size

photographs - Transparencies up to A4 -

Books up to A4

up to A4 size
Grayscale £3.75p
Colour £4.50p
up to A3 size
Grayscale £6.50p
Colour £8.00p
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Extract image from a PDF and improve in Photoshop resupply corrected PDF - £3.00p per image

Correct text in a PDF - first page £8 subsequent pages - £5.00p


Create Maps from £25.00p (ave price £35.00p)

Create diagram/figure from £8.00p (ave price £12.00p)

Design Logo from £60.00p

A4 brochure final PDF supplied double sided ave price £110.00p

£350 per day see Training for more details